Stay in the VirtuVites Loop!

Now you will never be out of the VirtuVites loop again. We have several ways you can keep up with the latest happenings at VirtuVites and the natural health, vitamin, supplement industry


Become a follower of VirtuVites on Twitter (@virtuvites). Hurry to be part of the first 5000 followers and you’ll get a 20% off coupon code to use toward your next VirtuVites purchase of Colorado Nutrition and Nutraceutics RX products. As a follower, you’ll get insights on product specials, articles as well as links to great health information. And you can re-tweet our updates to your twitter followers. Follow the American Nutrition Warehouse on Twitter (@ANWarehouse), too, and get a behind the scenes peek at the workings of a vitamin and supplements company.


Be a Facebook Fan of VirtuVites You can write on our wall to share your favorite products or health stories with us. You’ll get our status updates which let you in on sales, new products and more. Also you can check out what goes on behind the scenes in the warehouse.


Want to keep updated with the VirtuVites Blog? Then simply sign up for the RSS feeds. You also have the option of signing up for our email alerts. You won’t have to check for updates since we’ll be letting you know when the blog is updated.


Get a behind the scenes snapshot of VirtuVites and American Nutrition on our Flickr page. Browse on by and leave a comment on the photos of the Warehouse, the Team and the Products.

And coming soon … VIDEOS

In the coming months you will be able to check out all our videos on YouTube! Be sure rate and comment on them. The videos will include tours of VirtuVites and the American Nutrition Warehouse as well as product information.

With all these ways, you’ll be able to stay in the VirtuVites loop.


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