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Health Dropz Green Tea is a NEW Way to Enjoy the Benefits of Green Tea

Health Dropz Delivers a full cup of green tea polyphenols in just six drops!

Everyone is talking about the miraculous powers of Green Tea’s anti-oxidants. The main ingredients of green tea are super anti-oxidants called polyphenols, the most powerful of which is called ECGC. Unfortunately, avid tea drinkers are constantly brewing pot after pot of tea in order to drink the necessary six cups a day to reap the green tea benefits.

Health Dropz Green Tea is an easy solution; a full cup of green tea polyphenols in just six drops. If you are tired of drinking tea all day long, this formula can be added to any drink and gives the same amount of powerful anti-oxidants.

With HealthDropz Green Tea you can add the benefits of green tea to any drink without the added sugar, calories of green tea drinks or the strong bitter after taste of green tea extracts.

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