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Herbs & Herbal Extracts for Your Health

Herbs are traditionally known as any plant that is valued for its medicinal properties. These plants, known as herbs, have certain chemicals with healing properties called phytochemicals. St. Johns Wort, Kava Kava, and Ashwagandha are three herbs with such properties, they have been used throughout the ages to treat depression and stress (also known as adaptogens).

Some herbs are beneficial for the immune system and aid your body in recovering from colds, flus, and various sicknesses. Other herbs can be used to sharpen the mind, while different herbs can be used to cleanse the intestinal tract, such as Cats Claw.

People from various civilizations have used herbs and herbal extracts for thousands of years. This herbal medicine has helped people cope with everyday issues like stress, mental illness, various diseases, flu, and the common cold.

At VirtuVites we carry a long list of herbs and herbal extract supplements, for an alternative way to stay healthy and active.

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