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TerraCeutics Multivitamins & Minerals on Sale NOW!

TerraMins Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Complex is one of the most comprehensive vitamin and mineral formulas in the world. There are over 75 ingredients including Vitamins, Minerals, Super-Green Foods, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics and Nutritional Oils. TerraMins also has many herbs that support circulation, immune system, liver, eyes and brain. For energy support TerraMins has Bee Pollen, Ginseng, Bee Propolis and Royal Jelly. If you want a superior multi-vitamin TerraMins is the clear choice.

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TerraKids is a comprehensive vitamin & mineral formula designed for kids. TerraKids contains over 26 vitamins and minerals. Most of the national brand children’s vitamins only contain around 10. If you want to give your kids the best give them TerraKids.

These are great-tasting vitamins that your children will love to take, and they come in 3 animal shapes that are orange, purple and red.

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Deal of the Week: AN Active Man’s Formula & Active Woman’s Multi-vitamin


AN Active Man’s Formula – 90 TabletsRetail: $29.95
SALE: $15.96
w/ Coupon: ANDOW20
       AN Active Woman’s Multi – 90 Tablets 
Retail: $29.95
SALE: $15.96
w/ Coupon: ANDOW20

Active Man’s Formula

American Nutrition’s Active Man’s Multi Vitamin Formula provides a complete range of all essential vitamins and minerals necessary to support a man’s healthy lifestyle. Men have unique health needs. Prostate issues will affect more than 50% of men during their lifetime. Active Man’s Formula contains herbs to support prostate health including Saw Palmetto, and Pygeum.

American Nutrition’s Active Man’s Formula also contains a full range of beneficial antioxidants such as Green Tea Extract and Grape seed extract that counteract the negative impact of free radicals in the body. Some studies suggest anti-oxidants may help protect against internal and environmental stresses like smoking or pollution and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Active Women’s Multi

With Soy, Lutein, Black Cohosh and Cranberry

This multi-purpose product has been formulated to meet the special needs of women.

It contains generous amounts of all the essential vitamins and minerals plus herbs needed to keep the female body running smoothly. Included in this formula are soy, lutein, black cohosh, cranberry, GLA, Dong Quai, and much more.

These herbs meet the needs of woman who are experiencing problems with PMS, menopause, cramping, low libido and other such problems.

This scientifically formulated product is great for those who want to get the benefit of many different herbs without having to take multiple products.

Buy AN Active Women’s Multi NOW!

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Nutraceutics Rx Releases New Product: SuperGreens

New-SuperGreensNutraceutics Rx presents SuperGreens

SuperGreens is healthy blend of super green foods such as: Chlorella, Spirulina, Alfalfa, Kelp, and Cereal Grasses like wheat grass and barley grass. All of these super foods are in a multivitamin formulated to deliver natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential trace minerals in a form that’s easy for humans to absorb.

Super green food ingredients help to improve your health by alkalizing, energizing, and nourishing the cells in your body. Many health care professionals recommend taking Spirulina and Chlorella, both of which have significant health-enhancing properties. Our Super Greens contains both of these algae and one other called Kelp. Kelp is classified as algae and is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals, including essential trace minerals. These super foods also contain an abundant amount of chlorophyll, chlorophyll provides the green color that is found in grasses and algae.

NRx SuperGreens – 522 mg 120 Tablets
(Retail: $22.95)
Our Price: $12.95

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