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Deal of the Week: 20% off TerraCeutics Terra Greens Super Green food Supplement

Super-Green Foods help to improve your health by alkalizing, energizing, and nourishing the cells in your body. Many health care professionals recommend taking Spirulina and Chlorella, both of which have significant health-enhancing properties. Our Super Greens contain both of these algae and one other called Kelp. Kelp is classified as algae and is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals, including essential trace minerals. These super foods also contain an abundant amount of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll provides the green color that is found in grasses and algae.

Cereal grasses like wheat grass and barley grass contain every known vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and enzyme necessary to sustain life. Grasses are a complete food. Grasses dissolve and then absorb minerals from rock and soil, converting the minerals into a form easy for humans to absorb. These grasses also contain an abundant amount of the amino acids that are needed to increase the bioavailability (absorption) of these nutrients.

TerraCeutics uses organically grown Spirulina in TerraGreens.

Spirulina powder is manufactured from organic Spirulina grown in clean mineral water, free of heavy metal contamination. USDA National Organic Program (NOP) ensures both the growth environment and manufacture process for the production of high quality organic Spirulina. Spirulina powder is also controlled to contain less than 60% protein to ensure potency, and less than 0.08% Pheophorbide to ensure safety. Spirulina is an abundant source of both vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium, and magnesium.

Spirulina is one of the few plant sources of vitamin B12, usually found only in animal tissues. A teaspoon of Spirulina supplies 2½ times the Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin B12 and contains over twice the amount of this vitamin found in an equivalent serving of liver. Spirulina also provides high concentrations of many other nutrients — amino acids, chelated minerals, pigmentations, rhamnose sugars (complex natural plant sugars), trace elements and enzymes that are in an easy to assimilate form.

Chlorella is a species of green algae that grows in fresh water. This life form emerged over 540 million years ago, and was the first form of plant with a well-defined nucleus.

Chlorella was discovered in the late 19th century. Due to its high protein concentration and rapid growth rate, chlorella was investigated after World War II as a possible commercial food source. In the 1950’s researchers first reported that chlorella prevented the development of liver disease in mice. A decade later, some investigators claimed that the algae decreased the side effects of chemotherapy and slowed the growth of some cancer cells. Most of the research has been conducted in Japan, where chlorella is a top-selling dietary supplement.

Our Chlorella powder was manufactured from organic C. pyrenoidosa grown in clean mineral water without heavy metal contamination. The powder is prepared under a patented broken cell wall process (patent No. 183428), and is therefore easily digested by the human body. Our Chlorella powder contains not less than 2% Chlorophyll to ensure its potency, and not more than 0.08% Pheophorbide to ensure its safety.

Kelp is employed by herbalists as a mineral supplement. It is especially prized for its iodine content and abounds in calcium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, and other minerals including trace minerals.

Deep-rooted alfalfa is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Alfalfa herb versatility is due to its high nutritional content. It contains all known vitamins, has a high chlorophyll content, and a balanced group of minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. The leaves also contain eight essential amino acids. Its high protein content and abundant stores of vitamins make it a good nutritional source for humans, too.

Wheat Grass Juice Powder
Dehydrated wheat grass juice offers the nutritional benefits and great taste of pure wheat grass juice without the inconvenience of growing and juicing it yourself. This pure wheat grass juice powder offers beta-carotene, calcium, chlorophyll, and many other nutrients your body needs every day.

Broccoli Extract
BroccoSinolate™ is extracted from mature broccoli plants stabilized and standardized to 4 to 6 percent glucosinolates. Glucosinolates are bioactive phytochemicals found in Brassica (cruciferous) vegetables (e.g., broccoli, cauliflower, rapeseed, mustard, etc.) that protect the plants against the invasion of microorganisms and insects.  In humans, and in other animal studies, glucosinolates have been demonstrated to enhance the activity of liver and intestinal enzymes essential to the detoxification of potentially harmful chemicals and byproducts.

“BroccoSinolate™ is a very important dietary supplement for those living in today’s toxic environment,” says Charlene Lee, marketing director. “Now more than ever, it is vital for individuals to use some sort of natural detoxification program, which supports health in numerous ways.”
BroccoSinolate™ joins sister compound BroccoPhane™, a standardized broccoli sprout powder standardized for sulforaphane content.  Sulforaphane has been shown in clinical studies to boost the activity of phase II detoxification enzymes, which help the liver to function normally. TerraGreens has 300mg of BroccoSinolate to help support a healthy immune system.

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