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Are you Getting Enough Vitamin D?

<<<- Low vitamin D levels = Higher Risk of Death ->>>

Women with low levels of Vitamin D in their blood are more likely to die from heart disease and cancer, than women with higher levels (above 27 ng/ml), according to findings published in Nutrition Research.

In addition, a recent meta-analysis suggested that Vitamin D Supplementation was associated with decreased mortality. The researchers explained a causal relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and mortality, Vitamin D is used in range of effects including control of inflammatory compounds, immune health, regulating blood pressure and reducing arterial hardening. Vitamin D’s uses vary between the different types of  tissues in your body. This may be the link between vitamin D deficiency and cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality.

 *During 6 years of follow-up, 100 of the 714 women died with data showing that the main causes of death included cardiovascular disease (36 per cent), respiratory disease (18%), cancer (15%), and other causes (27%), state the researchers. Read more…


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Daily Breathing Exercises can Help Keep your Lungs Strong

After the age of 20 our lung capacity decreases .5% -1% per year. Our bodies need a significant amount of oxygen to function normally.

Just like our muscles and our skin elasticity, aging causes the elasticity in our lungs to decrease. Our lungs become weaker and unable to receive the amount of oxygen our bodies require.

Physical exercise and breathing exercises can help increase lung capacity and keep lungs strong and healthy.

Follow these simple breathing exercises daily to increase oxygen flow to your body.

  • Clear your mind and try to relax
  • Take a long deep breath and fill your lungs with air
  • Release very slowly and fill your lungs with air again
  • Do this 10-15 times in a row

Repeat 2 – 5 times a day

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